Educational COVID-19 Training Materials for ADS/ VH/ STEPS/ HPC:

Here are a variety of educational resources DSP’s can utilize with Individuals served to assist in increasing their knowledge and abilities of the COVID-9 Pandemic.  The resources include social stories, printable PEC’s for donning and doffing masks and other helpful tools.
What is the Coronavirus Social Story  Plain Language Information on COVID-19Covid19 ab comptestCovid19 abMy Day Program ClosedGerms-Social-StoryWhat is Social Distancing Social StorySocial Story About Social Distancing with PecsWash-Your-Hands-Steps 8×11-1Non-handshake Greetings Social StoryI-Can-Wear-a-Mask-Social-StoryCloth Mask ElasticCloth Mask RibbonSurgical MaskWearing a Face Mask Social Story-Adult VersionWearing a Face Mask Social Story-Child VersionSurgical MaskTelemedicine Social Story