The Health Supports Department consists of occupational therapy (OT) and nursing consultative services. The goal of our department is to promote the health, safety, and independence of the people we serve throughout their everyday life. We also offer support to providers and care teams who provide direct care services.

A young woman in a neon orange shirt tries out a C-Pen reader to enjoy a magazine and smiles to herself

A person served by the Wood County Board of DD tries out a C-Pen Reader to enjoy a magazine.

Department Services

The Health Supports Department provides a wide scope of consultative services that includes nursing, occupational therapy, and health supports coordination.  A few of the main services this department provides include:

  • Education and training for providers, persons served, and support teams
  • Individual consultation and assessment to promote health, safety, and independence
  • Accessibility consultation
  • Providing Health Supports Programs to maximize a person’s safety and independence
  • Adaptive equipment and Assistive Technology recommendation and support
  • Referring people to other services when necessary
  • Supporting providers in compliance with Ohio Nursing Delegation laws and rules
  • Maintaining the Health Supports Loan Closet (PDF)

Remote Support

Remote support is an emerging service model that combines technology and direct care to help support people with developmental disabilities living independently. Using two-way communication in real time, such as home-based sensors, cameras, and other technologies, remote support allows an off-site caregiver to monitor and respond to the safety and needs of people with developmental disabilities living in the community. If you believe you or a loved one could benefit from remote supports, consider scheduling a tour or trial stay at our TwinTech Model Unit, located in Perrysburg, OH.

Image Description: The Front of the TwinTech Home located in Perrysburg is displayed.

Inspired by a desire to see all people in our community thrive, the goal of this fully accessible 2-bedroom, 2 full bathroom home is to increase awareness of the remote supports and smart home technologies available to people served. TwinTech features the following technologies:

  • Two-way Video Tablet
  • Motion Sensors
  • Door Sensors
  • Stove Sensor
  • Bed Pressure Sensor
  • Exterior Cameras
  • Geo-fencing
  • Amazon Echo Spot
  • Ring Doorbell
  • Smart plugs, blinds, lights and more!

Contact remotesupport@woodcountydd.org to schedule a tour or trial stay today.

Meet the Team

Image Description: Our OT Carly and OTA's Mary Beth and Brenda hold up a life-sized photo frame and pose for a fun photo at 2019 OOTA Conference

Our OT Carly and OTA’s Mary Beth and Brenda smile for a photo at the 2019 OOTA Conference!

Our Health Supports Department at Wood County Board of DD is made up of several qualified and dedicated professionals who work together to provide the very best care and support for the people we serve. The department is comprised of a  Registered Nurse, 2 Community Occupational Therapy Assistants, and an Occupational Therapist who serves as the Health Supports and Provider Relations Coordinator.

Registered Nurse
The Registered Nurse (RN) provides DODD Medication Certification trainings, performs Quality Assurance reviews, and provides consultative services to ensure the health and safety of people served. These consultative services include (but are not limited to) illness/injury prevention planning, identification of trends and patterns, and self-medication administration assessments.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy Practitioners offer many supports including consultation for people and providers. These consultations can include a variety of assessments, adaptive equipment and assistive technology recommendations, individualized training, sensory strategies, and education and training for care teams to maximize a person’s safety and independence in everyday life.

Get Started

If you think the Health Supports Department offers services that would be beneficial to you, please contact your SSA to request an individual health supports consult. If you are a provider seeking training or consultation contact us at contact@woodcountydd.org and our Health Supports team will be in touch!