Volunteer Opportunities

Within the Hear of Each Community, Everyone Belongs.

All of us welcome the chance to learn, grow, have fun, contribute and share our talents with others.  We enjoy seeing a good movie, cheering for our favorite team at a ballgame, having dinner with friends, attending a concert or play.  People with intellectual and physical disabilities enjoy these activities too.  They want and deserve the same opportunities, but so often the opportunities are not available.

YOU are the key to making this happen!  By becoming a volunteer, you can provide the support that will help Individuals with DD participate more fully in their community.  And YOU will have fun too!

Oh, the things you might do…

  • Help coach Special Olympics sports
  • Assist men and women with DD participate in community-based activities
  • Support Wood Lane School classrooms
  • Enjoy Recreation and Leisure Activities
  • Provide Lunchroom assistance
  • Teach in our Adult Skills groups
  • Musical performances
  • Teach Digital and Social media skills
  • Join the Summer School Day Camp staff
  • Or tell us what you CAN do!


We have LOTS of volunteer possibilities for you!

Volunteers are vital in supporting Individuals with DD as they participate in, and enjoy a variety of activities.  Our Volunteers generously assist in enhancing our programs—approximately 500 Volunteers donate 10,000 hours of service to WCBDD annually.  While coming from diverse backgrounds, the characteristics that define and unite them are empathy, compassion, and the desire to help others.  Why not join us?

Why Volunteer?

  • Experience the satisfaction of helping others
  • Explore a new career area
  • Meet new people
  • Empower others
  • Share your natural gifts and talents
  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Get to know your community better
  • Gain useful work experience


We are so happy you are interested in sharing your time and your talent with the WCBDD!

Guidelines to becoming a Volunteer: 

  • Have a desire to support Individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities
  • Be 16 years of age or over
  • Complete required training, background check, and fingerprinting
  • Be compassionate, dependable, friendly, flexible, and willing to take initiative


For more information

Make a difference in the lives of Individuals with DD at the WCBDD by volunteering today!  Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Emily Dunipace at 419 373-0044 for additional information.

Volunteering with Woodlane