Exercise From Home

Fit 5 Resources Series (Website Link) :

·       Fit 5 Weekly Tracker (PDF) : Use this to keep track of your weekly goals and submit them to Jacob Muellerschoen by emailing it or a picture of it to specialolympics@woodcountydd.org.

·       Fit 5 Guide (PDF) : Educational guide and tracker for athletes to focus on fitness.

·        Fitness Cards: A series of leveled exercises in endurance, strength and flexibility.  These cards can be done at home and with little equipment.

·        Fitness Videos: Videos portraying the exercises in the fitness cards.  Athletes can follow along to with the videos to get a great workout!

              Staying Fit at Home (PDF) —simple week long calendar that athletes can follow to stay fit.  Week long calendar can be repeated as needed.  Athletes can sign up on the link in the resource to receive newsletter with content from Health Messengers to for tips and ideas on how to stay active. 

              School of Strength (Website) : School of Strength is an interactive online platform that encourages athletes to participate in a fun and engaging training program that they can do in the comfort of their own homes.  Developed in partnership with WWE superstar Becky Lynch, this series of videos, a fitness tracker, a coach’s playbook and a caregiver toolkit all contribute to helping athletes focus on nutrition and fitness and getting the most out of their workouts.