DODD Medication Administration Certification Courses

Category 1 and Category 2 Initial and Renewal Classes

These classes are offered by the Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities and at this time are offered free of charge to Providers.

Register Here:                                                                                                                                                       Category 1 Initial Medication Administration Course (Registration Portal)
Category 2 Initial Medication Administration Course (Registration Portal)
Medication Administration RENEWAL Course  (Registration Portal)

Category 3 Initial and Renewal Classes AND Standalone Trainings (VNS, Epi-Injector, OTC Topicals)

These classes are available upon request.  Please email to request a class.

Wood County Board of DD  – Behavior Support Training

Positive Supports First

Positive Supports First explores various positive strategies designed to help direct support professionals (DPSs), provider management, agencies, and independent providers to understand why challenging behavior occurs, address the motivation behind the behavior, and how to alter the learning environment in order to improve overall quality of life.  These classes are offered free by the Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities.
Positive Supports First – GENERAL Training 2021 Schedule (PDF)
Register Here: Positive Supports First – General  Training  (Registration Portal) 

The Positive Supports First Update Training is for current DSPs who have already completed the PSF General training and need to complete their annual behavior support requirement.  Please note that in order to register for the PSF Update training, participants must have already completed the PSF General Training.  If it has been over a year since the participant took a PSF training, they must re-enroll in the PSF General Training.

Positive Supports First – UPDATE Training 2021 Schedule (PDF)
Register Here: Positive Supports First – UPDATE  Training (Registration Portal)


Positive Supports First Train-the-Trainer Courses

The Positive Supports First (PSF) Train-the-Trainer course provides participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to train on Positive Supports First.  Positive Supports First Instructor certification is valid for one calendar year from the date that the certificate is issued.  In order to become a certified PSF Instructor, participants must have already completed the PSF General Training. Instructors are responsible for registering for the PSF Train-the-Trainer Renewal Course and completing it prior to their certification expiration.

Positive Supports First – Train-the-Trainer 2021 Schedule (PDF)
Register Here:  Positive Supports First  – Train-the Trainer Course (Registration Portal)
Register Here: Positive Supports First – Train-the Trainer RENEWAL Course  (Registration Portal)


Wood County Board of DD  – CPR & First Aid Training

CPR & First Aide 2021 Training Schedule – Wood Co. Board of DD (PDF)

CPR and First Aid certification is required for all Direct Support Professionals including both Independent and Agency Providers.  The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities requires an in-person skills assessment for CPR and First Aid certification.  The Wood County Board of DD offers CPR and First Aid for all providers serving people Wood County at a reduced cost of $22.50.  The cost of the course includes 8 hours of in-person training, the course book, and an e-card. To register, please contact Kathleen Murray at or call (419) 352-5115.