Brent Baer SuperintendentBrent Baer


Eric Bostelman Special Olympics CoordinatorEric Bostelman

Special Olympics Coordinator

Amy Brinkman Service and Support Administration CoordinatorAmy Brinkman

Service & Support Administration Coordinator


Carly Dauch Health Support and Provider Relations CoordinatorCarly Dauch

Health Supports & Provider Relations Coordinator

Lorraine Flick Director of Children's ServicesLorraine Flick

Director of Children's Services

Steve Foster Director of Fiscal ServicesScott Foster

Director of Fiscal Services

Cara Groman Service and Support Administration CoordinatorCara Groman

Service & Support Administration Coordinator

Joanne Hayward Director of Health Supports and Provider RelationsJoanne Hayward

Director of Health Supports & Provider Relations

Linda Hufford Fiscal CoordinatorLinda Hufford

Fiscal Coordinator

Rhonda Kendall Executive Administrative AssistantRhonda Kendall

Executive Administrative Assistant

Scott McKeown Health and Safety CoordinatorScott McKeown

Health & Safety Coordinator

Danielle Perkins Early Intervention CoordinatorDanielle Perkins

Early Intervention Coordinator

Mollie Tyrrell Communications CoordinatorMollie Tyrrell

Communications Coordinator